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 Brahmi Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Lamiales
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Genus: Bacopa
Species: B. monnieri

Binomial name

Bacopa monnieri

Brahmi is used as a herbal brain tonic, to rejuvenate the body, as a promoter of memory and as a nerve tonic. It improves memory and helps overcome the negative effects of stress. It is unique in its ability to invigorate mental processes whilst reducing the effects of stress and nervous anxiety. Brahmi induces a sense of calm and peace.

Brahmi has gain world wide fame as a memory booster and mind alertness promoter. It is widely used as antioxidant and in improving the brain cell functions. It helps in relieving nervous congestion and strain from them, as it possesses ushan virya potency; thereby it reduces vata dosha, which is main culprit in causing such problems. Due to presence of tickt rasa, brahmi easily penetrates into the tissues thus giving soothing feel.

Health Benefits of Brahmi

- It improves intelligence level and mind alertness.
- It helps in maintaining mental calmness and has an appetite for stress.
- It helps in improving mental performance and increasing learning capacity.
- It is helpful in increasing mental concentration level.
- It has good effects on patients suffering from insomnia.
- It helps in relieving them with all their stress and makes them feel good and relaxed.
- Brahmi helps in decreasing anxiety and mental fatigue and promotes freshness in your mind.
- It is also very effective in depression related problems.
- It helps in rejuvenating there lost energies and makes them feel good and relaxed.
- It helps in maintaining lowering blood pressure to the normal level.
- It is very useful in maintaining normal body temperature thus relieving body from hyperthermia and fevers.
- It is also very effective in treating menstrual disorders and painful menses.
- Brahmi also finds its application in cough and cold related problem.
- It is used to attain long life while having energy just like a youth. Brahmi works as an antioxidant and retards aging thus keep the person young and youthful.

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Brahmi Herb and Supplement
Brahmi (Bacopa Monniera, Gotu Kola)

Brahmi (Bacopa Monniera, Gotu Kola) - Ayurvedic Bulk Herbb

Brahmi traditionally used in Ayurveda as a brain and mind tonic. It has helped spiritual seekers for millennia to attain the wisdom that they sought. It is used to naturally revitalize nerve and brain cells, to increase mental capacities, memory, concentration, intelligence, mental endurance, verbal articulation and to decrease senility, stress and stress related diseases. For decades it has been used in the west as an energy tonic and as a smart drug under the name Gotu Kola. It promotes both physical and mental longevity, reduces negative emotions, related to the liver* and has an influence on kidneys and adrenal glands as well.

Furthermore brahmi builds up nerve cells and detoxifies the brain and the nerves from toxic deposits of heavy metals. Improves memory, increases learning capacity, and relieves stress and anxiety. Ideal for students and the elderly.

Brahmi Oil - Ayurvedic Hair Growth massage oil

Brahmi Oil - Ayurvedic Hair Growth massage oil

Massaging of hair & scalp with a proper nutrient hair oil gives additional nutrition to the scalp and prevents hair loss. Massaging also increases the blood circulation in the scalp & this keeps the hair roots strong. Excellent for combating dandruff and dry scalp. Contains fresh Brahmi (Gotu Kola) leaves in an all-natural coconut oil base.

Ayurvedic Brahmi oil has been traditionally used as a stimulant for the hair. According to Ayurveda, Brahmi Oil can be used to maintain a healthy scalp and form a natural preventative against the dandruff and flaking. Our Brahmi Oil contains only the finest mixture of pure cocunut oil and many carefully selected Ayurvedic herbs, including the use of fresh Brahmi leaves.

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